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Advantages of Welded Wire Mesh Wires

Wire mesh wires are in two main categories as welded and weaving, and are products obtained by weaving steel wires with molds or welding them at intersections. Welded wire mesh is stronger than woven wire mesh. However, woven wires have an aesthetically pleasing appearance with a flat surface.

Having a non-rusting structure because it is steel, steel mesh wires are indispensable choice of many sectors with their strong structures that offer versatile use. They are made of carbon steel and have a strong structure and a flat surface. They can be ordered in a wide variety of wire diameters and pores as well as custom made upon request.

The thick diameter of the wire mesh wires, which are used extensively in many sectors, are also used in reinforced concrete blocks in the construction sector.


Wire mesh made of stainless steel is extremely resistant to corrosion and abrasion. For this reason, steel mesh wires used even in underwater applications are the least exposed material when compared with other products.

Low Maintenance Requirement

With their strong structure, steel wires do not rot and are reusable, so they require little or no maintenance.

Temperature Tolerance

Wire mesh wires can be used in extreme temperatures and cold environments. With a special process, they can be used under high pressure. For example, they can be used in a rectangular holding area exposed to high pressure where concrete will be poured to make a column or piece of concrete. In addition, steel mesh wires are used for partition purposes in production areas where high temperatures are present.
Different Applications of Welded Wire Mesh Wires

It is very common for them to be used as barriers showing the boundaries of commercial and private property. They are also used to hold animals together in a specific area. Their strong structure and affordable prices make wire mesh the best choice for border determination and security.

Steel meshes are used extensively in places such as openings and chimneys where air circulation is required but other external elements are not desired.

Apart from these, wire mesh wires are used outside the buildings for both protection and aesthetic purposes. In recent years, it is seen that straw wires are also used in the production of contemporary art works.