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What Makes Mesh Wires Special

Wire mesh, also called wire cloth, is an extremely versatile product with thousands of different applications worldwide. The element that turns mesh wires into such an adaptable product lies in the fact that they can be produced according to numerous different specifications. Wire mesh wires, which can be produced in either woven or welded structure according to their production possibilities, can have an infinite number of combinations with their pore size and diameter. Wire mesh wires are produced from metal wires. It is produced by a special loom. In principle, all metals that can be converted to wearable wires are suitable for wire mesh production. While industrial and conveyor band mesh wires have a wire diameter from 12 micrometers to 6 mm, the diameters of architectural wire mesh vary between 0.5 mm and 7 mm. Wire mesh wires are widely used for drapery or mesh. However, its usage areas go beyond being a curtain and a barrier element. For example, they are used as cooking bases in ovens and as washing bases in factories, and are attached to ventilation inlets. In terms of industrial use, wire mesh is widely used for separation or filtering purposes. They also have common commercial uses such as insect repellency or building animal fences. Common applications of wire mesh include various safety wires such as windows, machinery and steps, fireplace screens, bird curtains, gutter guards and ventilation ducts. Recently, wire mesh has become widely used in the fields of architecture and art.
The wires are produced in a series of circular molds by pulling them down until they reach the desired diameter. Mesh wires are typically produced by joining the wires by welding or weaving. While welding is produced by welding the intersecting wires at the intersection points, woven wires are made by intertwining the wires over and under each other just like a fabric. We have supplied wire mesh to many industries and production institutions, especially construction, chemistry, electronics, food, glass, insulation, mining, petroleum and petroleum refining, plastic, pharmacy, textile industries, and we continue to do so.