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Gabion basket wires , Gabion baskets

Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets are used in many situations, including stabilization of soil movement and erosion, river control, reservoirs, canal arrangements, perimeter architecture and buttress walls. They can be produced from welded wire mesh or woven wires. Gabion baskets made of welded wire mesh are faster to install and do not need tension. This allows them to maintain their shape, stand without swelling and depression, and easily adapt to the wall. If a pipe needs to pass through them, it is also possible to cut holes.

We have bespoke sales in gabion baskets, which can be filled with machine, or to the public for small and large projects.

Gabion baskets are adjustable and our company can produce special curves for use in home gardens. When used for landscaping, the only thing that limits diversity is imagination. For example, wine bottles can be used as fillings, or half the fill is stone and half is log (this type of filling is for decoration purposes only). In addition, the precious stones used in the filling are used in the front, while the less valuable stones are placed on the back. Our company also produces bespoke gabion baskets for custom designs from curves to stair treads.

Welded wire mesh gabion baskets are produced from galfan wire. All of our wire mesh panels used in our baskets are imported from Europe, comply with EN10244-2 standards and have a tensile strength of 540-770N / mm2 and max. It has 0,10% steel type structure.

In addition to being Galfan coated, we also produce our gabion baskets in natural colors. Plastic coated units are the most suitable for beach projects.
Gabion Basket Linings
Gabions and baskets are also used for covering and cladding the building exterior. Gabion baskets between 0.3m and 0.5m are generally used in projects and must be attached to the building with clamp pins.
Gabion Fences
Gabion baskets have become an essential element in many cases. Thin walls made of narrow-depth gabion baskets have become extremely popular. They are necessary to provide additional support rigidity as they require horizontal surfaces and are of a narrow depth. This is provided by metal or concrete poles placed in gabion baskets at regular intervals.
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