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Basic Characteristics of Welded Wire Mesh Wires


Atiktel offers stainless steel wire mesh for many different uses to its customers. Ideal for preventing external elements such as insects, birds and other animals, steel mesh wires can be cut to fit, molded into various shapes, and placed on, under or around any object, opening and the like. Characteristic features: Unlimited use, ability to be cut in any size, ability to be molded to suit the contour and shape. Easy to install, use with other common construction products. Efficiency and safe use. Steel wire mesh has a lifetime of use and a great appearance. They can be cut to various sizes with large shears and cutting wheels. They are a great solution for pitches, low plumbing channels and eaves. It prevents animals / birds from entering through ventilation, chimneys, pipes. Used to close structural openings. Suitable for all kinds of architectural structures. Wire mesh wires are extremely aesthetic and this creates an attractive appearance. This product, which is resistant to abrasion and temperature, has a versatile usage opportunity with its stainless structure. It also has a hygienic feature. In this way, it can be easily cleaned and is particularly suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is a product created by adding stainless steel chrome. It forms an oxide layer known as passive layer on the chrome product surface. This provides protection against corrosion and rotting. Other metals such as nickel, molybdenum, titanium, manganese can also be added to reveal many different types of stainless steel.