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Welded wire mesh , Welded wire mesh applications

Wire Mesh Wires

You can find a wide selection of top quality wire mesh at our Atiktel Company sales points. Our wire mesh is a versatile product in the form of flat panels. It is produced from a variety of metals and metal alloys, including low carbon and stainless steel. In addition, our wire mesh wires with many sizes have different pore shapes, especially square and rectangular.

In addition to woven wire mesh, welded wire mesh is one of the two main types of wire products. Welded ones are generally more affordable. They have a grid-shaped structure with a series of parallel wires welded at the point where the wires meet. The strength and thickness of the weld is determined by factors such as weld pressure, time and temperature. Welded wire mesh can be bent or cut to create a wide variety of shapes.
Benefits of Wire Mesh

The design and construction of welded wire mesh allows the shape to remain intact while holding heavy materials such as concrete. In cases where it is necessary to bend, it is functional because it is bent as a single piece. Wire mesh wires are more cost effective as they require less strength and support than steel bars.

Wire mesh wires that can be used with many different metal materials are quick and easy to install. Its ease of use reduces work completion times and allows projects to stay within budget limits. Therefore, wire mesh allows the work to be done with less labor, material and welding.
Wire Mesh Applications

The low cost, ease of use, and versatility of wire mesh make wire mesh wires a popular choice for many different applications.

Fences and gates: You can find wire mesh installed in and around single-family homes and all types of commercial and industrial assets.

Architectural uses on the surfaces of buildings: Although wire meshes are known for their strength and durability, architects frequently use wire mesh for aesthetic purposes.

Uses for green building purposes: The use of wire mesh makes it easier for buildings to be greener in terms of environmental protection and to obtain certifications in this direction.

Infill panels for balustrades and partition walls: Infill panels are used in partition and partition walls with their clean and modern appearance.

Animal control: Farmers, livestock breeders and animal control experts use wire mesh fences to keep herds and other animals together.
Curtains for doors and windows: Mesh wire curtains provide strong and effective insect control for windows and doors.

Machine guards: They can be placed around your industrial machines for protection, which you do not want to be approached.

Shelf and partition: With its strength and durability, wire mesh can be used as compartments that increase visibility for sale as well as storing your heavy items.
Pipes and Ceilings: They are used to support pipes and ceilings mounted on wire mesh walls.

Agriculture: It is widely used in agriculture as barrier and fence, corn silo and animal shading panels.

Atiktel produces wire mesh special for your wire mesh applications

As one of the leading wire mesh producers in our country, Atiktel produces high quality galvanized wire mesh from carbon steel and stainless steel and offers them to our customers. You can view our current products in all sizes, wire diameters and pores on our website. If you cannot find the exact product for your application, please call us.

We can help you choose the best solution within your needs and budget. We keep our customers above all else and respond to your requests as soon as possible.