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Shelf Wire Benefits and Usage Areas

Shelf wire is a storage solution for a wide range of functions, including retail, commercial storage, stock building and household arrangements. Shelf wire can be the common choice for different customers from different industries. The reason for this is that the shelf wires are light and can be purchased in many different sizes. The use of metal shelves will pay off the investment made in the following years. Specially produced high quality shelf wires from the source to the structural design will offer a high level of durability.This storage solution, which can be used for life with a single purchase, is adjustable. You can create vertical solutions with shelf wires for your business and increase your storage capacity as your business grows. Thanks to the wide opening between each wire, there is a large area for light and air to pass through. Thanks to this feature, it reduces the possibility of allergies in employees as there is very little surface left for dust to form.A clean, open and ventilated shelf wire system keeps your materials dry while making it easier to find the products you are looking for additional light. gives. Whether it is a large or small business, for example, if we consider an oven as an example, shelf wires offer an extremely efficient solution for the required storage and display areas.

Usage Areas As mentioned above, choosing the shelf wires among our Atiktel products has many benefits. In this respect, we would like to share a few popular examples regarding the usage areas of the shelf wires at this point. In commercial use, especially some stock products are constantly brought, replaced and sent back to use. Rack wires will be extremely helpful in this process. For example, racks are loaded from the back and taken from the front. By increasing the storage capacity and visibility in the stock room, it is possible to apply the First In First Out method more easily. Shelf wires are used extensively at sales points and they offer an aesthetic appearance. Usage in homes is generally in places and rooms where laundry is washed. Shelf wires, which also save space with their foldable systems, are very suitable for placement of textile products.