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High Security Fence - Fence Wire Manufacturing

High security fences are high security systems with a panel structure that does not allow climbing, supported by poles. The spaces between the wires are too narrow to allow the use of wire cutters.

High security fences can be created by installing several panels on top of each other. One-piece panels, on the other hand, can go up to 6 meters high.

Panels can be produced both horizontally and vertically. The outer coatings of the wires can be galvanized or pvc coated.

High security fences are used in government institutions, private commercial enterprises and residences where security is very important. They are integral to military bases, prisons, mental hospitals, important data information centers, and critical national infrastructures.

According to security studies, high security fences create 40 times more delay factor compared to other standard fence products. This allows the escapees and criminals who try to get out to be caught more easily, while deterring those who try to enter the safe environment.

In addition, because high security fences do not block the view, they provide a horizontal perspective.

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